The Talmud is so vast that it has been called "The Sea of the Talmud." Hidden in the folds of these many volumes of intricate traditions, anecdotes, and religious interpretations are revealing passages which fascinatingly shed light on the identity and role of our Messiah. Find out for yourself how the Talmud's own teachings provide fascinating insights that point us to Jesus-Yeshua as our very own promised Messiah, even though the Talmudic rabbis did not believe in him.

Tractate Yoma and forty years without atonement

Tractate Sanhedrin and the coming of the Messiah

Rabbi Moshe Alsheich on the death of Messiah Ben Yoseph

Bava Metzia 59, Can a majority of rabbis overrule the voice of God?

Yoma 9, Baseless hatred and the destruction of the Second Temple

Yoma 21b and the greater glory of the Second Temple

Sanhedrin 97 and the time of the Messiah's coming