The Torah is the cornerstone our faith and has been the spiritual bedrock of our people for generations. How blessed we are to be chosen to receive the Torah from our God! Every year in the synagogues, our people go through Torah by reading a portion of it every week. On this page, you will find out what the weekly Torah readings have to say about King Messiah. Come back every week for the next Parasha!

Parashat Terumah and the presence of God among us

Parashat Tetzaveh and the Messiah as our Great High Priest

Parashat Ki Tisah and spiritual hunger for intimacy with God

Parashat Pinchas and atonement

Parashat Matot and your sins will find you out

Parashat Masei and the atoning power of the death of have high priest

Parashat Devarim and the guilt of the people of Israel

Parashat Va'etchanan and the oneness of God